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Lamborghini Hurucan Spyder Rental Las Vegas

Lamborghini Hurucan Spyder rental Las Vegas

Hurucan Spyder by Vegas Exotic Rentals

Designed to cut through the air and become one with the sky, the Lamborghini Huracán Spyder is the pinnacle of Italian taste and hand craftsmanship, a sports car concept elevated to the performance and sensation of a coupé.

The result? Behind you, the roar of the powerful V-10 engine. Above your head, an ultra-lightweight soft top that opens in just 17 seconds. Ahead, only the horizon awaits. Discover the unique characteristics and detailed technical specifications of the Huracán Spyder below.

The Lamborghini Huracán Spyder offers incredible performance, thanks to Lamborghini’s ANIMA (Adaptive Network Intelligence MAnagement) technology, which allows the car to calibrate its character and seamlessly adapt to your needs.

The full potential of the Huracán Spyder is expressed in the STRADA setting, which provides a comfortable ride with maximum grip, ideal for both day-to-day use as well as longer journeys. If you’re looking for thrills and fun while driving, then you will really appreciate the slightly oversteer capabilities of the SPORT setting. On the other hand, the CORSA setting allows you to enjoy a racing-style drive and experiment with the Huracán Spyder’s top performance.





Specifications and Performance

Base List Price $219,000
Engine 5.2-Liter V10.
Output 571 Horsepower / 398 Pound-Feet.
Transmission 7-Speed DCT.
Speed 0-62 MPH 3.6 Seconds.
Top Speed 198 MPH.
Drive Type Rear-Wheel Drive.
Weight 3,327 Pounds.
Seating Capacity 2.


6 Hours $750
8 Hours $995
24 Hours: $1295

Included Daily Mileage unlimited

* All Prices Add 10% Sales Tax + Fees

** – NO refunds are given once vehicle is booked.  A $1000 security deposit required on this rental and you MUST have proof of valid collision and liability insurance during the rental period. This will be verified!!

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